Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You can't spell windshorts without KO!

I came into this fight knowing my limits.  There's something to be said about any athlete that knows their limitations, then works through those to achieve success.  I'm still not sure what my overall goal of boxing is, but I'm trying to get better each time.

We decided on 10 rounds this time.  I donned my favorite white boxing gloves.  These were the women's gloves that really fit my hands just right.  These have always been my go-to gloves.  The padding is starting to break down a little bit, but I feel more worried about his face than I do my hands :).  I had the white sports bra and rolled up red trash bag shorts on for this one.  I was going to accentuate my curves as well as I could.  The more he focuses on my looks, the less he's worried about boxing.

Round 1 - I came out overly timid.  Remember last match?  I did too.  I had my guard up.  I was content sticking to the basics.  He was prancing around pretty good, but I tried to stay within myself.  I threw mixtures of left jabs and straight rights, but nothing happened early.  Being conservative wasn't a great bet for me.  He made a left jab glance and he cocked and brought a right uppercut.  Dang it!  As I got back to my block, he split it with a double jab.  I felt them, but nothing too bad.  At least that was a good sign.  I threw left again and again he side-stepped and got me with a right uppercut.  I couldn't let him land his power punches like that, so I tied him up.  We were elbow to elbow, trying to throw hooks around each others block.  He set me up with a right hook that I blocked, but he came back with a right cross that found its mark.  I was not only losing this round, I was eating way too much leather this early in a fight.  He landed a couple more solid shots before the round was up.  I had to change my approach.

Round 2 - I relaxed a little more this round and our exchanges were good.  Nothing too big happened either way.  Same with Round 3.  I finally started getting to him in Round 4.

Round 4 - Most of the time when I boxed, I stayed away.  I wasn't confident in my infighting abilities, but I wasn't getting a whole lot of clean shots, so I decided to take the fight inside.  It meant more body shots, but I hoped it would open up his face shots.  I felt like if we were in tight, then he'd have to look down a little bit because of his height advantage.  He would be primed for some uppercuts, the likes of which I had tried to really improve recently.  He tried to keep me away with some quick jabs, but I got inside fairly quickly and tied him up.  I'd move around, trying to land quick shots and get covered back up. The tough thing about boxing in close is that, even if he doesn't land clean, I can still feel some of his power shots.  Granted it's not as bad, but they can still wear on you.  He still found ways around my block and was starting to daze me a little with his rights.  When he'd catch me clean, I'd try to tie him up. He popped me good a couple more times inside, but nothing I couldn't stand.  The bell rang.  I was in decent shape, but I had to press harder. 

Round 5- Though he hurt me a little while infighting, I slipped in a few uppercuts that he had to feel.  I got a last right uppercut in and he took a wobble step backwards. I realized that the windshorts helped keep his eyes down, which kept his head down.  I wasted no time. I went left to the stomach and a hard right.  He had ducked his head slightly,  I tried a sharp right uppercut, but he blocked.  I went back to a left that glanced off his right hand, but I went immediately back to the uppercut and snapped his head back.  I lunged forward to get more behind my left hand and got him on his right eye. His head came back down, he had enough gap in his block that I brought a right uppercut from by my sweet red windshorts :).  I brought a swooping left, then a swooping right.  It was almost like it was in slow motion because I could see my shots landing on his jaw.  He tied me up, but I knew he was dazed.  The windshorts were rocking tonight! Have I mentioned that these are the best shorts ever! :) 

Round 7 - I was getting a little tired, but overall I still felt ok.  I had absorbed some pretty big shots, but so had he, especially last round.  I was almost disappointed that there wasn't any blood yet.  I just needed to keep trusting my combos and keep moving on defense.  Early on, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but I had a feeling like he was getting ready to throw a big right.  I timed it perfectly and ducked.  I immediately went left to the body, left hook.  The hook caught him cleanly and I got a right in, right on the bridge of his nose.  As he was covering, I slipped in 2 quick left jabs, which opened up for a right to the chin.  Again, he was dazed.  I came back with a left to the nose again.  He had left big holes in his block, so I rared back with a right and caught him on the chin again.  It was even more clean than the previous chin shot.  With his guard still split, I threw as hard of a left as I could throw, then another right to the chin.  He wasn't in good shape!  I've been there.  I know what it feels like when the legs are giving way.  I pulled my right hand by my ear and let it fly again.  WHAP!  I could hear it land solidly.  Left hook again, another hard right.  He was defenseless.  I loaded that right again and slammed it into his chin.  This was my chance!  His guard was down below his chin.  I went with a right, then another right, then another right.  This got him leaning way out to the left.  I got a left hook in that landed right on his nose, then came with a right again.  Then another.  I was trying to hit him as hard as I could.  His head was snapping to the side with each right.  I finally got him down after another right to the chin.  I had to have landed 15 power shots in that part of the fight.  ONE, TWO, he got up on all fours.  How was he able to do that after what I had just dished?!?  He stood up at 7, at least acting like he was ready.  I went straight for him.  He blocked my left, but I swung a wide right that got him on the side of the head.  This split his guard and I went with a left jab, then went back to those wide hooks.  Right, left, right, left...4 more huge shots and I was sure he was going down again, but the timer went off.  Crap! It was then that I wished these gloves were a little less padded. I think I could've ended it right then.

Round 8 -  I had taken control of the fight, but I know it's never over until it's over.  I tried to press him again when the round started, but he was more prepared.  In fact, he snapped my head back good with a right uppercut as I came at him.  I was a bit rattled, so I backed off.  He pressed forward and I caught him with the same move he just pulled on me.  I heard him groan with that shot!  He stepped back, with a huge hole in his defense, I went all in again.  I started with a left, right combo again, just like last round.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 shots I landed.  He was still up, so I kept throwing.  I went left to the nose, right to the chin.  Another left, with another right to the chin.  Just go down!   I threw everything I had into my right and it connected cleanly with his chin again.  He was down again!   It was when he landed with a thud that I realized that he was out, literally! I started counting and realized there was no reason. It was a KO! Wow! For as good as I felt, I also felt terrible.  I had reached the highest point I could in a boxer's eyes, yet I just felt wrong about it.  There was little solace knowing that he was trying to do the same thing to me more or less.  I squatted beside him and started to try to talk to him. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Thank goodness! Eventually, I helped him sit up. He wasn't bleeding, but it sure looked like he had been boxing :)

In terms of boxing, this might have been the perfect night.  Sure, I took quite a few punches, but the adrenaline was flowing, especially late. I could feel myself connect with good shots over and over.  I always try to focus on that versus how I feel after I get hit.  There are times when it's tough to dig down and try to land another punch, but you know I'll keep trying as long as I can.  And the Soffe nylon shorts that have been so good to me through the years will be there with me!  I'm not sure what's next in my boxing career. I may have to try this thing for real one of these days ;)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Losing streak

If you haven't read it, I got beat Saturday night.  T was quicker to the punch all night and I took my share of lumps.  He cut my lip.  Let me tell you, it becomes real when you can taste blood for several rounds.  For as bad as my head hurt Sunday, I could still feel it Monday.  He wouldn't box Sunday, but I talked him into going at it Monday.

I've had success in the past in my pink windshorts and pink gloves, so I made sure to roll up my Soffes. I had to do something to get his attention off completely pounding me.  I lied and told him that my head was done hurting.  He told me we were only going 5 rounds, which actually sounded good, knowing that I could be in trouble by round 1.  I wore a black t-shirt this time, just in case I bled.

Round 1 -   He set his watch, we tapped gloves and it began.  I had to be a moving target tonight if I stood a chance.  I kept my guard up, just below my nose and had a good base.  I had a feeling that things might get wobbly, so I had to have a chance to get through it with good mechanics.  I jab step towards him.  He was barely protecting himself, so I threw a left jab.  He sidestepped and popped me with a left.  He retreated and I went after him with a left jab/right cross combo.  The jab hit his glove and I missed with the cross.  Before I could get my hands up, and with the position he was in after I was a little off balance, he got me on the nose with a right.  Holy crap!  Immediately I covered.  If he got me like that much more, I wouldn't last 5 rounds.  I had to change up in a hurry.  I got back at him, he still has his guard down and had a goofy grin on his face.  I unleashed a right and connected.  He was moving around, so I went to him and threw a left jab/quick left hook combo.  He ducked the hook and instinctively, I threw a right uppercut.  Smack!  He shook it off, but he knew that I had come to box.  I was dancing around, trying like heck to act like I was fine.  He stood his ground and unleashed a few jabs.  He caught me in the middle of trying to throw a left and got my jaw.  My headache was back in full force and it was only round 1!  He threw another quick left jab/right cross.  Both of them landed square.  My lip was burning, the side of my face was tender.  I could feel every punch.  I had already seen stars with his first couple of rights.  I was in trouble.  I finally got my guard up.  He hit into my block a couple of times.  But then he caught my stomach with a left and followed with a left hook.  Pain shot through my head.  I had to clinch him up. I did and luckily the timer went off.  I stumbled back to my chair.  My legs felt weak and I still had 4 rounds to go.  He asked if he wanted me to back off or if I wanted to quit for the night.  I actually considered it, but also knew that if I was a champion, I had to keep going until I couldn't anymore.

Round 2 - I went at him and he immediately got me with a left jab.  I had no momentum and he fired off a left jab/straight right combo.  Why did he seem so fresh?  He had boxed just as much as me.  At this point, I think he felt a little bad.  I didn't care, I was just trying to make it to the bell.  We stepped back at it and I landed a nice jab/jab/straight combo.  He wasn't fazed.  I tried harder and landed it again.  I went double jab, then when right to the stomach.  It got him bent over just enough for me to throw a right uppercut.  I got him!  He stepped back and I went in. He caught me with a left jab, but I anticipated him doing it as a combo.  I ate the next left, but just as he went to throw his right, I stepped left and went left jab/straight right.  He was over-extended a little, so the right landed flushly on his face.  He was bleeding!  Not that it would stop him, but maybe it would make him back off a little.  It didn't. He came at me with a left hook that I blocked, but then he went with a left to my stomach, then left hook.  They got me, but as I was trying to get behind my block, he got a right hook in.  My face had been turned because of the left hook and his right hook got me squarely.  My lip started bleeding again.  Dang.  We stepped back from each other.  He had blood on his gray shirt and blood seeping out of his nose, but he was on guard.  And he had blood on his white gloves.  That would be mine.  I went back at him and we clinched up.  I got an uppercut in there somewhere, but nothing big happened.  End of round 2.  I had recovered from feeling kinda wobbly, but my head throbbed.

Round 3 - The round started off light, but he was pressing into me.  I backed him off with a left jab, then caught him with a straight right as he came at me.  No blood yet. I finally got a break with my next combo.  It was a simple one like I had landed all night, but I could tell I got him on the chin with my right.  He stumbled back and I started throwing the best rights I could.  I knew I had to throw power shots.  I was open to him countering, but it didn't matter because I wouldn't be up much longer.  He must've been dizzy because I got him with several rights.  I backed him to the wall and landed a couple more.  That's when he went left hook/right cross.  He turned my face just enough that the right landed on the bridge of my nose.  I was down immediately.  He started counting and I tried to get up.  Funny thing is that my head didn't hurt near as bad as my nose right now.  I got onto all 4's somewhere about the count of 5.  I had blood dripping from my nose.  My lips were still burning.  But I could stand, so I did.  I got up at 9.  He looked shocked.  I patted my gloves together and said, "Let's box!"  I went at him and he got my block with some left jabs, but not my nose.  I had my gloves high enough that I couldn't see, but I knew where he was.  I threw a right that missed, but he ducked and I came back with an uppercut that got him.  His gloves came up, so I went around with a right hook that landed on his jaw.  I noticed he was wobbly.  I had to try to end it.  I started landing around his block at will!  I was throwing everything I could!  I got him with another right uppercut and his nose was bleeding worse than before.  I didn't stop.  I squatted down to get more power and got him with another uppercut.  I snuck a sharp straight right and he was defenseless.  I had him right where I wanted and the dang timer went off!  Crap!  We both got to our chairs in bad shape. And we only had 1 minute to recover! I looked over and saw his gloves were a pink hue.  It was crazy because a majority of it had to be my blood.  It made me anxious, that's for sure.

Round 4 - I was as cleaned up as I was going to be for this one.  My head was killing me.  I was just focused on trying to make it the next 6 minutes.  It was at this point that I knew I couldn't go into this kind of fight night in and night out.  I've been knocked around boxing with him before, but I was getting pushed to the limit.  I remember hoping that he would lay off of me.  He was a gentleman this round, but he still found the mark way too often for my liking.  I was trying to keep my nose covered, so my guard was tight.  He kept going low and then hooking me.  He was getting to the side of my face, but not to my nose.  The problem was he was finding a rhythm and I was just being defensive.  I didn't want to get hit in the nose again.  He caught me with a right hook and I could feel my legs giving way.  He hit me with another right and I was down again!  Every part of me wanted to be done except my will.  I was on all fours again, just waiting on the count.  I wobbled back up at 8.  He started to take his gloves off and I yelled at him!  I was going to box until I couldn't anymore.  It wasn't long after that and he snuck in a left uppercut.  It wasn't a strong punch, but I was bleeding again.  I couldn't swing, my eyes were watering, my nose was bleeding and I was still trying to make it through the fight.  He kept throwing pretty sharp punches and every one that landed hurt.  I know he could see me grimmace.  I wasn't hiding my pain.  I just simply couldn't.  He threw a couple of dummy lefts and right as I dropped my gloves to try to see him, he landed a right hook that made me dizzy.  I was on my feet, but barely.  As I stumbled to my left, he threw a left hook to stand me back up.  He had to tell me about the next combo, but he went left uppercut, right cross 2 times and he dropped me.  I laid on my back, knowing I was done.  I had blood coming out of both nostrils.  He didn't even wait to count, but brought me a towel so I could get cleaned up.  Official outcome was a TKO loss in 4 rounds.  Wow.

As I write this today, I realize how much respect I have for all the boxing that T has done with me.  He's taking hundreds of power shots and just keeps coming back.  I know he wants me to be better.  I don't know what my lifelong goal of boxing is, but I now know when I'm at the end of my rope. But as I type, I know that I'm going to work even harder at my technique and my power so that I don't get in this situation again.  I'll be back and I'll be swinging. - JG

Monday, February 24, 2014

Post-Saturday Headache :(

So I got my butt kicked this weekend.

Something got into him and his punches were faster than they have been.  I can't tell you how many straight rights I ate Saturday night.  He set up some body shots and really split my guard.  He didn't throw anything real complicated, but he won.  I thought my black trash bag shorts would deter him.  If it did, I couldn't tell!  We have been boxing in mouthpieces for a while, but he still managed to cut my lip.  My nose didn't bleed, but it is swollen a little bit.  Somehow, I came out without a black eye, but my cheeks are sore.  I'll write about the fight later, but here's what's coming.  He wouldn't box me yesterday, but I'm going to make him box me again tonight.  I don't know how long I'll last, but I've got to see if I can take it.  I am going to make him wear the more padded gloves though :)  I'll be in touch!  - JG

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Buy Soffe slicks, trash bag shorts, windshorts, nylons, plastics!

No matter what you call them, these are still the original and best workout short.  I get nothing from this, just wanted to inform the masses :)


Keep working those mixed boxing stories!  - JG

Hard hitting in Soffe Slicks (trash bag shorts for you Southerners) :)

We decided that we were going all in.  He convinced me that he was going to try to win the match by whatever means he could.  I still didn't think he'd hit me with everything he had, but I wanted to be pushed to the limit, all while making him quit early.  We had practiced together so much and we knew each other.  This was going to be tough, but we were both willing to give it a shot. 

12 3-minute rounds would do the trick.  We both had punch counters on to track the number of shots landed.  I figured I'd be able to tell how many he'd received by the end of the night.  My hope was that I wasn't showing the same effects. 

I went with royal blue Soffe Slicks (trash bag shorts) and a gray tank.  A simple outfit, but it would allow me the mobility I would need.  It would also allow for the distraction that I knew windshorts caused for him.  We had purchased some red pro-style Everlast gloves a while back, but hadn't used them much.  They were broken in and ready to go!

Since you know how I box, I'll hit the highlights of the night!

I knew it was important to get some punches in early, but I also needed more focus on my defense.  If he really came out and boxed me like a fight, then making it through each round was going to be pivotal.  I knew my best course of actions would be to get him as tired as I could before going for any big shots. 

By Round 4, my plan was working, sort of.  He is big into throwing left jab, right hook/cross combos.  Hey, you know I learned it from somewhere.  For the most part, his punching was predictable night in and night out.  He had a few tricks up his sleeve, but nothing I couldn't handle.  So far, I was blocking and ducking a lot of his shots.  He had landed a few, but so had I.  I've been trying to incorporate some body shots, in hope of getting his inside of his guard.  I reeled off a right to the stomach and I knew I had gotten him.  He clinched  me up, tying my arms up as best he could.  I had learned not to fight it because when he loosened up, I'd have a chance.  I squirmed a little bit and when he finally let go, I got a quick left uppercut and right cross in.  His nose started dripping :)  This was when I had to take control.  He blocked most of my stuff through the end of the round, but I had a gameplan to try and get to his nose each and every round.

Round 7 is where things got interesting.  I was popping him good from time to time.  As a boxer, you can feel when you connect.  It was somewhere in this round where I realized that I had been taking some good shots too.  To be honest, I get a dull headache a lot when I box.  I figure that's from getting punched in the face. :)  I started to feel a little tender around my left eye.  Though he throws fairly predictable punches, I can't stop all of them.  I must've taken more than I thought I had.  I was starting to realize that our Everlast gloves were punchers gloves.  We got through the round and I was still swinging!

I was tired, as usual, towards the end, but I've found that some of our best exchanges happens then.  I try hard to keep my guard up, but it's harder to do each and every round it seems.  So we always end up punching the crap out of each other until the timer goes off.  Round 9 was one of those rounds.  When he gets tired, it's a lot easier to split his guard.  My left hand isn't real strong or anything, but I understand that I can set up a lot of shots while jabbing with my left.  I got the round going with as stiff of a left jab as I could throw.  I'm sure he tries to time them up, so I scooted slightly to my left, his right.  This put my left at more of an angle to his face, but set my right up to go straight to the nose.  I threw a quick double left jab and shot my right hand forward.  Hit him straight on the nose!  I heard him wince as he covered up.  I had to have drawn blood with that shot.  :)  And you know I did!  Blood started trickling down his left nostril.  I went after him.  At this point, it was punch or be punched, so I swung as often as I could.  I try to have good technique when I'm tired, but there's not a whole lot left in the tank.  He tried to challenge me by dropping his gloves.  I know he's taunting me to hit him.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for it. :)  I cocked my right hand by my ear and tried to put my middle knuckle on his nose.  I landed it, but didn't put my guard up.  He knew what to do.  He smoked the left eye that he'd been peppering all night.  It hurt, but I swung hard at the nose again.  Each time I connected, I smeared a little blood on his face.  He kept hitting my eye.  Gosh it hurt!  The bell went off and we retreated to our corners.  We both looked terrible. :) We called it a night and chalked it up to a double TKO.  Does that exist? 

We are both getting so good at boxing each other, that there's a sense of accomplishment when I know I've gotten a good punch in.  Those trash bag shorts keep doing their job too.  I've got to mix a little flirting in, it keeps him honest.  :)  When he's real focused at knocking my head off, I know how to swing my hips to get his attention.  I can't box him any other way!

You know there will be a next :)  I'm trying to get more stories to tell...this is where I need you ladies!  Get your husbands off this blog and get to creating some boxing stories! - JG

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ladies, I Need your mixed boxing stories!

Since the action is down and I haven't posted as much as I should, I will post your mixed boxing triumphs, failures and in-betweens ladies! Windshorts, trash bag shorts, Soffe slicks, whatever...it doesn't matter. From beginner to expert, we've got boxers of all kinds represented in my blog. I will preview all content pre-post. Women's perspective only please!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Punch or be punched & Soffe Slicks

Sorry everybody...it's taken me a while to get this together.  It's hard to separate the first few writings I've had because they were a while ago.  Hopefully the events that I get to keep writing about will be a little more fresh on my mind.  I think I'm still seeing a few spots from this last fight, so I hope I can detail it well enough :)

You know I was in windshorts...have you figured that part out yet? :)  There are times that I catch him glancing, so it just gives me more opportunity to hit him.  I can always play to that a bit.  It was purple windshorts and a white tank top tonight, with my white gloves that always seem to be up for some good shots :).  He was in all black with black gloves...it was kind of intimidating.

I had learned that my best bet on combos was in groups of 2 or 3.  And I'd always try to set them up with a left jab or 2.  So I might get off 5 punches in a hurry, but it was really just my pattern that I liked to follow.  There were always time to change it up a bit, but I had quite a bit of success landing when I boxed this way.

He boxed kinda the same way.  He wasn't necessarily predictable, but I could tell that he was combo-ing up his shots too.  He'd get his share of punches in, I just had to find a way to block if he caught me off guard.  I knew I was more susceptible to his good punches when I was rattled.  I knew there was always a chance that this could happen.  It's what I was trying to do to him, so sometimes his best defense was his offense.  If I could shore up my defense, I would have a better chance.

We didn't always box a certain number of rounds or certain minutes in a round.  We would just go until we felt like it was time for a break.  We always seemed to take good breaks in between.  We still had our matches that followed a routine, but sometimes we just boxed.

Probably one of our greatest "rounds" happened recently and it was just during one of our fights that wasn't timed or anything.   Both of our punches had been landing steadily, but nothing had drawn blood or anything.  What the heck?!? :)  My head was sore though.  Not so much a headache, but my jaw ached from the hooks that he had landed.  I wanted to stay away from them, but he was catching me between some of my punches pretty well.  I knew I had landed a lot of good shots, but he wasn't visibly wearing them.  He just looked a little tired...that was normal for both of us.  The more worn down he got, the more I had a chance to land.  When I start landing, he gets a little predictable in his defense.  He has a real bad habit of leaning down towards my left hip to avoid some punches.  This opened up shots to his left temple sometimes. A little bit into this round, I tried to go after it.  I had been mixing up my combos pretty well, so I kept throwing them.  I hadn't thrown any back-to-back rights yet, so I tried.  I caught him with a sweet left jab, left jab, right hook that split his guard enough and I brought a right uppercut that landed cleanly.  Before his head came back down, I was ready with another left jab, then right hook.  This got him to lean down by my hip like I thought it would.  I threw a semi-left uppercut/left hook straight into his block, but saw the opening I wanted and caught him on the temple with a right.  It was powerful, but he was still ducked so I threw the same 2 punches.  The right caught him on the cheek bone and it made him back up.  The were 2 of the better power punches that I had landed this night, so I tried to get back to where I could do it again.  I pressed in for some in-fighting and started trying to slip inside of his defense.  He liked to lead with that left and it was a punch that didn't ever both me much, so I'd take it to try to let something open up that I could throw.  He popped me with a jab, but I came over the top and and caught his jaw with a right.  I tried to sneak a left uppercut in, but missed.  He threw that jab again and I caught him with a right in the same spot.  He semi-stumbled sideways and I went with a left jab, straight right, left hook combo.  The first 2 didn't land, but the left hook caught the exact opposite side of his jaw.  He had absorbed 3 good punches, but I could tell that he was feeling it.

He was covered up, elbows together, gloves together, so I was swinging around his block, trying to connect with hooks.  This opened me up a little bit, but he had to be hurting because he wasn't throwing many punches.  When he did, I just shook it off and kept boxing.  He peeked around his guard once and I caught him with a left hook.  This split his hands enough for me to land a big right uppercut and he was a little wobbly.  I immediately threw a left jab into his block and brought a straight right that landed perfectly on his jaw.  I threw 2 left jabs and threw the exact same right.  I landed squarely again.  He was winded and hurting, so I tried to unleash all I had.  Usually, if I tried this, he would just block until I was too tired to keep swinging, but he had huge gaps in his defense.  I imagined those fights we had watched on TV when a boxer is landing at will until the fight is stopped.  I did my best to fight like this.  I was throwing wild punches, but I was finding my mark more often than not.  I landed probably 8 or 10 good shots before he seemed to react much.  He lunged forward to try to tie me up and I side-stepped and caught him with a left.  I got another chance to throw left, right combo.

This match made me realize that I wanted to try a series of boxing.  I wanted to set up something where we were boxing each other as best as we could, meaning that I wanted him to try to beat me.  I knew he had never really tried to outbox me.  He was a gentleman that would only give me what he thought I could handle.  I wanted to see what I was made of...JG