Saturday, September 19, 2015 still sells trashbag shorts!

I was looking for some more Soffe Slicks the other day and came across the Soffe website. They still had plenty of  nylon wind shorts! Don't give up on them ladies! And don't forget to send me some more boxing stories.  I need to post some new material.  You've heard how most of my boxing matches go.  Thanks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My intro to mixed boxing!

I haven't written for this yet, but as I've read through some of the posts, I see why Jill wanted my version.  I'll start from the beginning to lay out the details, then I'll write about when boxing got pretty serious for us.  I'm an older woman, divorced with no kids.  Long story short, I met a younger guy through work and we just hit it off.  He was funny and cute and very personable.  I never really thought about dating him until he asked me out.  I was shocked that he had an interest in me at all.  I would've never guessed that he was single, but I took him up on his offer.  One date turned into 2, which turned into 3 and it just kept going.  There was no pressure on either side and we just enjoyed being with each other.  And he was a great kisser!   He was always a gentleman about it and he was so sweet to me.  I know guys have specific tastes and I wanted to be that for him because we were getting pretty serious.  As we got closer to each other, I inquired about what his "thing" was.  It took me a while to get it out of him, but he finally told me that he was partial to a certain kind of shorts.  He asked if I knew what windshorts were.  I wanted to be sure what he was talking about, so I told him to get me some.  He surprised me with them one night and I was surprised that this was what he liked.  I knew exactly what they were.  I know I had worn them in high school and college, but that was a long time ago.   I'd randomly show up in the ones he bought me and he always seemed to like it.

He also ended up telling me that he had something else that he wanted to try.  He wanted me to start boxing him.   He said it was called mixed boxing.   Now, I'm not the athletic type at all.  And honestly, boxing wasn't something I really ever thought about.  I'd definitely never done it before and I wasn't sure how I felt about doing something where the goal was to hurt the other person.  But he was so sweet about it and promised that he wouldn't hit me and that we'd take it slow.  I told him that I didn't think I could hit him, but he insisted that I didn't judge it until I had tried it.  He asked me if I'd wear windshorts too.  I knew how he felt about them and if boxing helped that, then I wanted to try it.

I showed up to his place in a pair of purple wind shorts and a t-shirt.  He had chairs set up and had his black boxing gloves out for us.  We got situated and I put on my gloves.  Being the first time I had boxed, I didn't know how they'd feel.  They were actually pretty comfortable.  I didn't have big hands, but they seemed to fit me well.  And to be honest, I felt kinda strong when I put them on.

Now, as far as hitting him goes, it was a very slow start.  He was very good about showing me the different punches and how I should stand and where my gloves should be.  I learned how to jab with my left and throw a straight right.  He showed me hooks and uppercuts.  It was kinda overwhelming, but he had me practice by punching his hands with different punches.   He said that I was landing pretty well.  He'd correct my stance to make sure that I could be in a better position to punch and block.  I was tired from the workout we had done, but it had been fun.  Then he told me it was time to try it for real.  I still didn't feel good about hitting him, but we started.  I had no problems trying to throw some punches, I just never hit him.  It seemed easy enough to throw a punch or 2 into his gloves.  He kept encouraging me and letting me know what I could do better, but after a while, he started pressing me to hit him in the face.  I was so nervous!  I didn't really want to, but he put his gloves down by his side and told me to come on.  Reluctantly, I threw a jab.  It barely connected and he told me to hit his nose.  So I tried again and I did it!  I didn't shock the world or anything, but he told me that it was good punch!  I did it again and again.  It actually felt pretty good!  It was different than just hitting his gloves.  He then prodded me to land a right.  He left his gloves down and told me to aim for the side of his face.  I did it and it sounded like a slap, not a punch.  He stopped and took time to show me what my follow through should look like.  I had hit him and my fist had stopped.  We got going again and I landed a better one.  I could tell that this was my stronger hand and my punches felt stronger.  I started mixing in some combinations too!  It was kinda crazy to me that he could just take a punch and act like nothing happened.

I felt pretty good about myself at the end of it and he said that I had done really well!  And it led to some pretty good making out, so I would say that it was a great night!  I was glad he had introduced me to boxing and I was hoping to do it again soon!

I'm so glad that I met Jill on Facebook and I can't wait to write about some of the other times I've boxed.  It definitely gets better.  I promise!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kudos to Becca on The Bachelor

I've got to give props to Becca for wearing windshorts on her Bali date with Chris. She's been taking some flack for her outfit selection and I disagree with the haters. It was a classy choice on a difficult night for her. I know the show was rough on you girl, but you'll pull through.   Hang in there! Here's to hoping you pick up boxing one day! -Jill

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ready, box!

We had been working out and trying some different boxing things.  He said he wanted to get together and try to spar some.  That sounded great to me!  I showed up in my red Soffe nylons, a yellow tank and I was ready!

I was kinda pumped about it.  We started with nothing more than a few jabs.  I wanted to try to get to him early, so I was looking for a chance to land some combos.  My shot came when he threw a left jab that fell short.  I went over the top of his arm with a left jab of my own and missed, but I immediately threw a right that smacked him on the cheek.  It was a good shot to land this early.  I tried it again right then and his face slid by my fist as I threw the right.  If I could've adjusted, I would've gotten him again!  But I didn't, so I kept throwing.  I threw a left jab and he moved his head left, so I missed, but he took his eyes off me for just a second.  I had my right hand cocked back and I hit him right on the nose.  I could feel that it was a good punch and his face echoed that.  I followed through and everything!  He winced and took a step back.  It definitely felt good!
* My bestie Sarah that was there taking pictures ended up getting a great pic of this shot!  She was behind me and got me following through.  My right was coming just off of his face!  I had taken a big front step because I could see my windshorts had slid up my legs pretty high.  I was showing off some leg, which would help make him feel better when seeing how I had rocked him! :)  *

He stepped aside and I threw and missed with another left jab, but it exposed his face and I got another right in.  It barely missed his nose, but it was a pretty good shot to the cheek.  I regathered as he was getting his guard up and I threw a left jab that snapped his head back.   Sarah got this pic too! You can't even see his face in the picture because his head is back.  I actually look pretty toned in that shot.  My shoulder are flexed and my legs look pretty powerful in my red windshorts. :)  He got his guard back up, but a replay of me missing with my left and connected with a powerful right happened again.  He winced again on this one.

He covered up and then popped me pretty good.  I hadn't taken many punches and it kinda jolted me, but I had so much adrenaline right now that it didn't matter.  I threw a right that he semi-ducked under, but I got him with a left.  He caught me with a right, then a left because I didn't have my guard up.  I definitely saw stars when he landed them, but I got my guard up and blocked his next attempts. I backed up and tried to find a good place to start throwing again.  I thought I saw a chance to land a right, so I stepped and threw.  I was over-extended and I missed.  He countered over my right with a left that caught my chin.  Sarah got a good pic of this and the expression on my face was definitely not flattering.  She snapped several pics in a row and I had turned completely around (which is apparently a no-no), but it looked like his eyes were on my shorts or maybe my legs, which she showed me after we stopped for a break.  I think he likes me :)

We took a break and I could tell that I was getting a workout!  This was fun.  He was definitely breathing kinda hard and sweating.  He told me that it was a good round!  Sarah showed me the pics on her camera.  It was cool to see some of the punches I had landed!  He told me that I had gotten him really good with a couple of shots and he came over to look at the pics.  He definitely said that my windshorts fit me well :).  He also showed me what it looks like when he's dazed after a punch.  It was good to know because I was going to get that look on his face again :)

We started again and I went straight for a right that smacked him, but before I could really try anything else, he launched a right hand into the side of my head.  Ouch!  He knew he landed it because he started apologizing.  I could tell he felt bad and it definitely hurt, but I was enjoying this so much that it didn't really bother me.  We kept going.  He actually tried to throw the same punch and it grazed me.  I had turned my face with the punch and threw a right that got him on the cheek.  He backed away and I stepped towards him.  I tried to throw a right and it missed, but he was leaning forward and my elbow caught his lip.  I heard him wince and he covered up his face.  I backed up and he dropped his guard.  His mouth was cut and I could see the blood on his teeth. I stopped because I didn't mean to hit him with my elbow.  He told me he was ok, but I didn't really want to keep going because that wasn't my goal.  He assured me that he was fine and that he wanted to keep going.   I had white boxing gloves on and I didn't want to get blood on them, but he told me that it was just part of the sport.  He asked if I'd feel better if he cleaned up the cut and I told him yes.  I was reluctant to go again, but he insisted.

I told myself that I wasn't going to hit him in the mouth, so I aimed for his cheeks with most of my punches.  I was still landing some pretty good punches, but I avoided his lips.  We boxed for a while and took another break.

He came out the next round and clocked me with a pretty good shot right as we started.  Then he landed a jab that made my nose sting.  I covered up and he backed off, but I realized that I needed to punch, no matter what happened to him.  I wasn't good enough to stand there and not try to punch him while he was still punching me.  I landed a good right and he landed a good jab.  I threw a jab that missed and then a right that he ducked under.  Sarah had a really good angle on this one.  You could see the determination on my face to try to hit him, I had just missed.   We were swinging at each other and I thought I saw an opening for a right, but he got his left glove in front right as I tried to land it.  Sarah got this from the side.  My legs looked powerful and you could see my right arm flexed as the punch bounced off his glove.  He slipped in another punch and I landed a right.  I loaded and threw another right and it caught him on the mouth.  He was bleeding again!  I tried a few more punches, but he blocked them.  Then he grabbed me kinda like he was hugging me and he had hold of my arms.  I couldn't throw a punch.  It definitely wasn't fair.  I finally pushed free and got away from him.  I don't know how much blood is a lot, but it was on his lips and his teeth.  He told me to keep coming, so I did.  He threw a right that got me right below the eye.  It hit me in a weird spot and it was kinda hard for me to open my eye.  It didn't really hurt or anything, it was just weird.  I stood back up and tried to look at him.  He threw a right and I didn't see it coming.  He smacked me pretty good.  He could tell that I was kinda hurt, so he stopped.  He told me that we could be done.  I felt like I could keep going, but I needed a break.   Sarah was definitely antagonizing me at the point because she knew that he had punched me pretty good.  She showed me the pic of that last punch.  It had contorted my face.  It was actually kinda funny, but I knew it had hurt.

He asked if I wanted to do one more round.  I knew I could keep going, so I said yes. I was still new to all this, but I was learning that you might as well be aggressive because in boxing, you're going to get hit either way.   I threw some punches while he was throwing some punches.  Nothing really connected and I was getting tired.  It was tough to throw punches.  I backed up and he took a step towards me.  I got lucky because I was starting to throw a right, right as he stepped at me.  I felt his nose down in my fist as his head snapped back.  I even got an audible grunt out of him as it landed.  It was definitely my best punch of the fight.  Sarah was snapping away and was whooping because she had seen it too.  I could see that his lip was still bleeding and there's no way that shot helped.  He tried to land a left and I came over the top with a right that rocked his head back again.  He tried to punch at my gloves, so I got him with a right, almost like the last one.  I went back at him and landed a few shots that felt good.  It's kinda funny how you can tell you land a good punch by the look on his face.  It's like it takes a second for him to react.  He wasn't blocking very well, so I just kept punching, even though I was getting tired.  We stopped and he had to go clean his mouth up. :)  I really enjoyed boxing him and I can't wait to do it again!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Too many punches?

I wanted to look kinda mean tonight, so I wore black Soffe slicks that were a little too small for me and I rolled them up :)  I wore a black tank too.  I knew I could draw his attention away from the punching. This night was a pink Everlast gloves kind of night.  They have good protection for my hands, but still deliver a great punch.  I've been getting more and more confident and I feel like the more we box, the better my shots get.  He wore his black gloves, which were his puncher's gloves.  These definitely hurt more than some of his other ones, which meant that he was going to be business-like tonight.  I was up for it. 

As I read my stories, I realize that a lot of punches don't have the impact that I think they are having, but I'm trying to give a recall of how it felt when I landed them.  Obviously I don't remember all of these.  We were going to try for 10 rounds tonight.

Round 1 - No matter how many times I've boxed him, there's always a feeling out period.  That time where you're waiting to give or receive a blow.  This starts setting the tone for the fight.  I know I don't have the best left jab, but I always try to lead with it.  And he always seems to take it.  I've never hurt him with that left, but it sets up so many more combinations.  So, I came out with it.  We danced for a second.  I had to give him a chance to like what he saw :) Then it began.   I led of with a jab that he answered with a jab of his own.  Both landed cleanly.  After one punch, I'd say it was even :)  He stepped to me, meaning he wanted to fight inside, so I covered and let him come at me.  He threw a left and wide right that I blocked and I immediately popped him with a jab.  I threw a quick right to follow, but he ducked.  I tried to slip a left uppercut in.  It was blocked, but I had a shot to his face and came with a wide right.  Perfect!  Right on his cheek.  He stepped back and smiled.  He was ready for more and so was I.  He was pretty stationery, but kept firing off left jabs.  I took them, trying to get to a good throwing spot.  I sent a left into his stomach, that dropped his guard enough to come with a right to his cheek again.  It landed and he didn't get his guard up, so I threw that right again.  And then again.  I landed a hard right 3 times before he clinched me up.  I dropped my elbows to get out and fired a left uppercut, right uppercut combo.  Both caught him, but I shouldn't have admired my work because he got a good left hook in.  It was his first star-causing shot of the night.  But I knew he had seen more than I had.  He stepped back and we sized each other up again.  I got a good left jab in.  Then I got 2 more quick left jabs in.  They found their target.  He got me with a jab, but I went right back with a left jab, right cross.  He stepped back again about the time the round ended.  Round 1 - me

Round 2 - After that great 1st round, I looked for more.  I was confident that I could land what I wanted to land.  The beginning of the round went fine, but it started going my way when I landed a double left jab and a quick right cross.  I caught him on the chin and, based on past experience, I knew how those can feel.  He squared up and I did it again, trying to throw the right a little harder.  It landed again.  You can't mistake the sound those pink gloves make when they land clean!  And they were popping right now.  I brought my guard up to block his jab and went with the same combo.  He had turned his face a little and absorbed a right to his nose.  I could feel how good of a shot it was with my fist.  Many more like that and he'd be bleeding.  I was kinda shocked he wasn't there yet.  I threw 2 left jabs, but my guard was down, so he popped me with a left, but I came back with that right and got the jaw again.  I was looking for wobbly legs, but he wasn't there yet.  2 more left and I gave another rip with my right.  I could see his face distort with that look that boxer's get when they are hurting.  I knew I had him rattled.  I went with one left jab and another hard right.  He was not in good shape.  He kinda stepped to my right, with his head slightly down and I threw a left uppercut, then right uppercut and snapped his head back.  I quickly went a left to his body to get his hands down and brought another thudding right.  He was in a defensive position, so I pressed on.  He blocked my left, but I got him with another right.  He had the look, so I went for it.  Left, and quick right to the chin.  I got back in the middle of him and threw a right to the cheek, followed by another right to the chin.  He was down!  I had landed some really good punches, so I was anxious to see if he'd get up.  He did, but at 8.  I tried to get some more before the timer.  He was strictly guarding, so I got close and tried to fire shots.  I got him pretty good another couple of times, but he made it.  This was the fastest that I had hurt him.   He looked up and I could see that he had some swelling around his left eye.  I knew I had to keep hitting it to help me win this fight. I was up 2 rounds to none.

Round 3 - As we get into a match and as I get tired, I notice that my jab gets stronger.  I don't know if I have a better base or maybe it's just a rhythm thing.  It changes when he starts covering up after a jab.  He'll usually eat them, but if he's trying to block them, I know I've done some good.   He had his block up, so I went to the mid-section.  I'd throw and step aside.  Or I'd throw and take a punch.  I was just trying to keep his timing off.  I slipped a jab in there and then changed it up and went with a right cross, with an immediate left hook, right hook.  He wasn't expecting it and all of them landed well.  He tried to duck his head, but his elbows weren't together, so I unleashed a right uppercut.  It landed right on his nose and his nose started bleeding immediately.  Nothing major, but blood nonetheless.  I was rocking tonight.  I got another left jab to that bloody nose with a right to his sore eye.  He clinched.  He had my elbows down by my side, but he was getting blood on my shoulder.  That was kinda crazy.  I pushed him off, but threw a right as I did it and got him again.  I was feeling really confident.  I went left jab, straight right, left hook.  I could see the pain in his eyes as he stepped back.  I went to go try for a KO and it happened.  He snapped an uppercut that got my jawline and I was dazed.  I stumbled backwards and he laid into me.  I was bent over a little bit and he was rattling punches off the side of my head, by my temple.  At this point, I don't remember the specifics, but as I have watched since then, I should've tried to tie him up.  But I didn't.  He landed some powerful shots to the side of my head, but he was gearing up for an uppercut that rocked me.  On video, I could see my head snap back.  And I was down.  Crap!  This thing had turned in a hurry. 
 I got up, but I didn't feel good.  And he came right back at me.  I ducked again and he landed several more hard shots to my head.  That wasn't working so I stood up.  I remembered to clinch, but I didn't hold him long.  His move got my arms down somehow and he planted me with a right, left, right combo.  I covered, but he snuck in a right uppercut.  I could taste the blood from my nose, but I was praying for the timer.  I covered again, but he got me in the stomach with a good left and found my nose with a right again.  He started swinging and throwing every punch possible. I was so guarded that my gloves absorbed some of it, but he was pounding away.  I tried to get a left jab in to back him up and he timed it perfectly with a right hook.  I was about to go down again.  He caught me with a straight right to the nose that made me stumble backwards.  And thankfully, the timer sounded.  I was in a ton of pain, I had blood running down my face and I only had a minute to recover.  This fight has shifted.   2 rounds to 1.

Round 4 - I wasn't ready when the timer went off, but I stood to my feet and went to him.  He didn't look great, but I knew I didn't either.  This round was pivotal for me.  To be honest, I tried to slow play the action. I had my guard up enough to be able to look for openings, but I was keeping it as tight as I could.  I needed to keep him off my face as much as possible right now.  I would throw short, quick punches.  I was too worried about taking a shot to try to land a big one.  It was fairly effective for me because I got him to quit coming forward so hard.  I got back into throwing a combination of jabs and rights, trying to change up the pattern.  I landed some cleanly enough to start seeing some holes in his guard.  I had just landed 2 pretty good rights to his chin when he caught my chin with a wide right.  Everything was happening in slow motion.  Both our guards were not in good shape.  He threw a jab.  I ate it, but came around with a big looping right that got his chin.  I came with a big left and it caught him on the nose. But he popped me right back with left jab, right hook combo that made me understand what "punch drunk" means.  I was trying to get my guard up, but he landed another right cross, right on my cheek bone.  That side of my face was extremely tender and pain shot through it. He caught me with my guard split and threw a straight right to my nose.  I could feel the blood start down my nose again.  He seemed to be hitting me in the spots that hurt the worst.  I was trying to hit back and I felt like I got some shots in, but he was getting his in too. I'd say this round was a tie.  I was still up by 1.

Round 5 - We were both tired.  This was just a really good fight.  It took a little while for us to get to punching each other again.  I wanted to hit him, but I was trying to avoid getting hit as best I could.  We traded some jabs and some combos, but nothing major for probably a minute or so.  Then he decided to press the action.  He got me to the wall and started trying to tag me.   He slipped in a right that made me see some stars.  I had to get out of there.  As I tried to step out, he threw a wide left hook that caught me.  I knew the right was coming and I missed the block and he got me straight in the nose.  I thought it would start bleeding again, but it didn't and I tried to counter. This was the best fight by far from an action stand point, but it had taken a toll on me.  I was tired and didn't feel like my arms could punch like they needed to.  My legs were tired too.  But I knew that if I just tried to block for most of the rest of the fight, then he'd have a chance to beat me.  I wanted to win, so I kept trying to punch.  His guard was down and so was mine.  He was telegraphing his punches a little bit, so I just tried to wait.  He missed me with a left and I came with a left.  It didn't feel like a great punch, but it snapped him back.  He tried another left jab.  I stepped to the side and immediately threw a straight right.  He went to his defensive position with his elbows together, so I came with a right hook.  This opened him back up and I got another left jab in.  I didn't think I could put together many combos, but I kept trying.  I wanted to land as much as I could on his nose and on his jaw.  I know from first hand experience how a good shot to the side of the face can disorient you in a hurry.  So each left jab went for the nose and I'd try to wait for a spot to land the right.  He landed some good  stiff jabs, but I didn't take much in the way of power punches at this point.  But I didn't really land any great shots either.  I'd give that round a tie.  We talked between rounds and still decided that I was up 1 round.

Round 6 - He knew I was in front and he didn't waste much time testing out my tender nose.  He came in and threw some straight shots that really stung.  I didn't have much time to react because they were coming one after another.  I'd try to throw a punch, but he effectively blocked and landed.  As he usually does, he lands for a while, then backs off.  This time was no different, but he had a new plan this time.  He guessed with me that my guard would drop as I backed off and he threw an awkward right uppercut that couldn't have landed better.  I felt my legs wobble, which is never a good sign.  I immediately covered up, abandoning any type of punching and trying to weather what came next.  As he threw into my block and into my stomach, I was trying to gather my senses so I could get through this.  He finally stepped back and I got back upright and kept my distance.  I tried to throw some jabs, but I wasn't close enough.  If he came at me, I dodged.   He was trying to cut me off and get me in the corner.  I didn't feel fast, but I knew that if he got me in the corner, he might get me down again.  I knew the round had to be close, but that timer wasn't going off.  He kept coming at me and throwing.  I was moving as best as I could and blocking as best as I could, but those black gloves kept slipping through.  Somehow, I hadn't started bleeding again, but things were a little blurry.  I could see his punches coming for the most part, but I was having a hard time defending myself.  He landed a jab and followed it with a right to my jaw.  He nailed me with the exact combo I should be hitting him with.  I saw stars again, but I realized that each punch he landed hurt worse than normal.  The timer went off and I went to my chair as dazed as I had been as a boxer.  I had one minute to figure out how to make it through this fight.  It was tied up with 4 rounds to go.

Round 7 - I sat there and literally felt defeated.  I was hurting and I didn't have any momentum.  I had to get back to my style of boxing.  I had to land combos and try to get his attention off of hitting me.  As we started, I changed my mind and decided to go in tight.  I immediately tied him up.  I knew I was running the risk of him landing a big punch without me seeing it coming, but I had to take it because I wasn't ready to stand there and trade punches yet.  I wanted to use everything I had to my advantage, so as I grabbed him and held on, I pressed into him.  I had always been able to use wind shorts as a way to get his attention.  So I try to keep them in contact with him.  I didn't wrap his leg up, but I was trying to get him to the wall or corner so I could keep him there.  He stepped back and I threw a left and went right back into the clinch.  He was closer to the corner, so I threw a punch of soft lefts into his block.  It kept his right hand from getting me and as he tried to step around, I drove him into the corner and used leverage to keep him there.  I kept my head buried in my hands and when I saw his elbows move, I threw punches to his body.  It wasn't flashy, but it kept him from being able to punch me real hard.  He couldn't step back to throw an uppercut, so all he could do was come from the side, which kept him off my face for the most part. My head and face were still hurting, but not like last round.  I kept my wind shorts close to him and kept trying to punch defensively.  Since I was quite a bit lower than him, he managed to land some punches to the back of my head.  That didn't help with my headache, but they were blows that were going to end the fight.  The round ended and I felt accomplished kind of.  I was still very sore and I didn't land any good shots that round, but I made it to round 8.  Nobody really won that round, so we called it even.  3 rounds to go and we were still tied.

Round 8 - As we got up to square off again, I realized that my pink gloves had a crimson hue to them.  I didn't know if it was my blood or his, but it was crazy to think about the punishment that we were dishing out.  I felt a little better to just box him this round and I figured that he'd stop me from clinching up for a whole round, so I tapped my gloves together and went to boxing.  I knew I couldn't just move around for 3 rounds because he was stronger than me and he'd get me in the corner and I'd be in trouble.  I started where I normally do and that's with left/right combos.  I always felt I could get in a rhythm this way.  The more rhythmic I was, the more predictable I was, but so was he.  Besides that crazy uppercut from earlier, he boxed me the same way most of the time.  I got a couple of lefts in there, but no big rights.  I wasn't throwing super hard because I was tired.  I knew that I had to find a way to those soft spots on his face.  As I was getting a feel for it, he went and threw that weird uppercut again.  I reacted in time and got my gloves up enough for it to glance off, but I was in no position to stop the swooping right hook that came and smacked me on the chin.  I was down again.  And it was my fault.  As I stayed there on all 4's trying to clear up, I was mad.  If I would quit worrying about getting hit and just box him, I'd be ok.  I got up as he got to 7 and I made up my mind that if I was going to get TKO'd tonight that I was going to do it swinging.  That meant that I was going to get punched, but it couldn't be much worse than it was anyways.  We got back at it and I threw 2 quick left jabs.  Then 2 more.  Then 2 more and a right that got his jaw.  I saw him grimace and bite down on his mouthpiece.  I landed a jab and right and he followed it with a right and got me. I had been a little dazed for the last part of the fight anyways, so I just kept swinging.  I tried to lead with my cute black wind shorts as much as I could.  I went straight left and straight right, each one getting his face.  And I was hoping each one was taking a little more of a toll on him.  He grimaced again and punched back.  He found my nose, which started leaking blood again.  But I didn't stop.  We exchanged a couple more good punches as the round ended.  He won that one because of the knockdown.  He was up by 1 round with 2 to go.

Round 9 - Though I was hurting, I tried not to act like it.  In fact, I stood up, took of my gloves and adjusted my wind shorts.  I wanted him focused on every curve, so I found a way to roll them up even more.  I was showing as much skin as I could and they hugged my hips like a pair of spandex almost. I gloved back up and told him that I was going to win this fight, even if I wasn't sure.  I went at him and started trying to throw combos.  I landed some, he landed some, but we weren't landing anything that was going to decide a round.  I started looking for a way to land a big punch.  We were in fairly close proximity to each other and were both pretty sore from the punches we'd taken so far.  He'd started ducking some jabs, so I wanted to land an uppercut or something.  I punched high to get him to duck and I brought a right that got him on the side of the head.  He stood up and swung.  I blocked it and got a great right that landed on his chin.  He covered up and I started trying to find a way inside.  I pushed him back into the corner and threw lefts and rights as quickly and cautiously as I could.  I was missing too much, so I stepped back.  It gave me the break I needed in his defense.  He was looking for me and I got a left jab and I came with a right that caught his chin.  His hands were split and I was off to his left, so I threw a quick left uppercut.  It wasn't powerful, but it got his head back.  I got around his guard and landed a right to his temple.  He jabbed me, but I got another left/right combo in there.  I didn't feel like I could get him down, but I could tell that he was struggling to absorb the punches.  I tried to put my fists on his face any way that I could find.  He was trying to block, so I went to his stomach to get his hands to drop.  He did a decent job of moving and deflecting, so I backed off again.  With him defending so well, I had to get him back into boxing mode.  I got back into throwing left jabs to see what would open.  He ducked one time and caught me with a looping left.  I wasn't expecting it and it made me a little wobbly, but he stayed away and I tried to land some more before the round ended.  He told me that he thought I probably won the round, but I wasn't sure.  I knew I was going to have to be really good to win round 10 and the fight.

Round 10 - The reality of it was starting to sink in.  And I had a terrible headache.  Looking at him, I could tell he didn't feel great either.  I've noticed that he gets this far off look sometimes and I could see it again.  He face looked like it might even be a little swollen?  I couldn't tell for sure, but he just looked different.  We stood up, tapped gloves and I focused on landing enough punches to win the fight.  I landed a few shots to begin with, but he countered.  My head had been throbbing already, but each punch he landed felt pretty sharp.  I tried to put this out of my mind and keep trying to punch.  I landed a double jab, but I missed with the right and he popped me good with a jab of his own.  I knew that to have a chance, that I was going to have to take some punches and counter.  I really needed to get him down if I could.  He double jabbed me with his left.  Then he got me again.  My nose was burning, but I was trying to set him up.  I guessed right with him and as he went to throw the jab again, I leaned left and caught him with a left to the stomach.  As he bent over, I swung an overhand right.  It glanced off his gloves, but I threw a quick left uppercut that got enough of him to open him up to the right that I got on his cheek.  Before I could really think, I threw a right uppercut, then a right hook.  Both landed and I kept up the attack.  Left jab, straight right.  His gloves went to his face and I got a right hook in.  He was showing some pain and I had to keep it up.  I tried to get punches through his block.  He was throwing and landing some, but he was in defense mode.  He snuck a good right in, but I knew that if I was going to win, that I had to be able to take it and keep going.  I swung with a right, it got blocked, but I got a left into his stomach that got him bent over enough for me to bring a big right.  He stood up, gloves apart and I put my right on his nose.  He leaned forward to try to grab me and I stepped back and caught him with a couple of jabs.  As he leaned, I got in a right uppercut that snapped him back pretty good.  Then 2 left jabs and a quick right that got him.  I saw him wobble a bit and I tried to get him down.  He wasn't landing much of anything and I had some momentum, so I swung.  I landed several more good punches and the bell rang.  Dang!  I had given it a good ride, but I couldn't get him down.  He told me that I had won the round, but I wasn't sure that I had.  I definitely landed some better punches at the end of the round, but it was close.  We decided to call it a draw.  It was tough to admit that I didn't win, but I knew that I probably hadn't.  If anything, it was really close and I couldn't claim victory, even though I thought I did some things well.  As the night ended, I realized how sore my head and face were.  I'm glad we called it after that. Yeah, it sucks not being a winner, even if we're just boxing each other, but I still want to win every time I do anything.

I knew it'd be a little while before we boxed again because we were both hurting pretty good.  As I thought back on all the times we had boxed, I wondered how this would effect us.  Of course, the more we boxed, I felt I could take his punches better, but at what cost?  I don't know what my limit is, but if we keep boxing each other like this, one of us is liable to get hurt.  But as long as he wants to keep going, so will I.  I'm too young to retire. :)  JG

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Punch love

It was great thinking about how some of our first matches went.  The intro to boxing, the beginning of me learning his likes, etc.  I felt like my boxing had evolved the further we got involved.  I was listening to his coaching and applying it better.  I had also picked up on his love for windshorts and I made sure to keep him in that mindset.

He had turned a spare bedroom into a makeshift boxing ring, so we had been using it quite a bit.  We didn't always box each other.  We would workout and he'd show me new things.  It was fun and quite sexy.  He had a seriousness about him when we'd practice or box and I loved that about him.  We'd even watch some boxing on TV.  It's not that I loved it, but he did and he'd try to show me different punches that were being thrown.  I had been trying to capitalize on his quirks and our next match was a great night!

I had utilized his thing for windshorts nearly every time we boxed, but I knew I could do even more.  His favorite color is green, so I went all green that night.  I wouldn't say that I'm big, but I'm not small either.  I was an athlete in high school, so I'd like to think that I still had some tone.  I had started trying to buy some more windshorts occasionally to go with the few pair that he had bought for me.  He always got me a large, which was fine, but I wanted to change it up to make sure that I had his undivided attention.  I got some small green windshorts.  They were pretty snug, but they were still comfortable.  He'd be able to see my curves until I knocked him out :).

I got ready and stepped into the ring in those green windshorts, a green sports bra and the green gloves that he had given me.  They weren't as padded as the black ones I wore, so I thought they might help me punch harder than I had been.  Or at least they might hit him harder.  I had seen boxers come into the ring and prance around a little bit, so I mimicked it.  He commented on how good I looked, so I went on over and kissed him.  Real good :).  I wanted him to know that I meant business tonight.

I went back to my corner and leaned on the ropes as he got his watch ready.  I knew that he never really tried to hit me hard when we boxed for real, but I was in the mood to hit him tonight.  Early on, I stayed with what I was comfortable throwing.  I went straight at him and immediately landed a right.  Oh yeah!  These gloves hurt my hands worse than the others, but it felt like a solid connection.  As soon as I could see his face again, I threw the same punch.  He threw his hands up in front of his face to block.  He'd tell me later that those first 2 punches hurt worse than anything I had thrown before then.  I took a step into him and tried to land a left jab between his guard.  His head went back and as soon as it came down, I threw that right again.  This felt good.  He tried to grab me and I let him.  He pulled me in, but I threw a right hook.  I got him again!  He wrapped my arms up, like a cheater :).  I pushed off of him about the time the round was ending.  This was going pretty well for me!

The more boxing I had watched, the more I became acquainted with the punches.  He had taught me a lot of them, but I was seeing them thrown in ways I'd never really considered.  As the match went on, I decided that I'd throw different ones.  We were a few rounds in and I had success with nearly everything I threw.  I know that means that I'm not throwing strong punches when my partner can just take them, but I really felt like I had been connecting well.  My go to was bringing my right hand by my ear and trying to get his cheek.  It was also very comfortable for me to be really close to him, almost hip to hip.  I seemed to have good leverage since I was a little shorter than him.  And I know that he liked when I was close.  Just another chance for my windshorts to do their job :)  I remember trying my first set of different punches, and it started with my overhand right.  It landed and made his head go to the side, like usual.  My gloves were normally right around my chin and I swung my left hand around and immediately knocked his head the other way!  He told me that it was a great left hook!  Though my left still wasn't real strong, it felt good!  I thought I could do it again, so I started with one.  It caught him right on the side of the face.  He straightened up and I popped him with a right!  He immediately hugged me and I threw a couple of punches that didn't do a whole lot.  I realized that I was getting pretty tired!  We had both worked up a sweat.  I love the work out I get while boxing.

He told me that he thought he could go 10 rounds.  I didn't even know what we were on, he said 9, so I just kept boxing.  I realize that I haven't broken this story down very well.  I'll do better at remembering the details :)  One of the big things I remember from the end of this fight was that I finally tried an uppercut.  It felt kinda weird and I didn't land perfectly, but it was something that I thought I could get the hang of.  This one ended and it was then that I realized that his face was really red.  I thought it was just from being tired, and I'm sure some of it was, but it was red around his eye too.  Dang!  I had punched him enough that it was showing!  That's kinda morbid sounding, but it felt cool to me.  As he sat down and took off his gloves, I took mine off and sat with him.  Though the boxing was done, the green windshorts still had some spunk left in them :)


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I like what he likes

This is an oldie, but a goodie.  Defintely some great memories between this match and the ones to come.

Over the course of us getting to know each other and us starting to box, I really liked him and I kinda liked the boxing thing.  I wasn't very good and we hadn't boxed a whole lot, but it was another reason to spend some time together.  We were dating and I didn't want to seem imposing, so I'd let him suggest it.  I hadn't kept count, but it was around the 5th or 6th time that I had a surprise for him.  I know guys have their little quirks and through some of the stories he told, I knew that he had a thing for girls that boxed.  I wanted to be available for him that way.  I caught on to what I thought was another little thing of his and that was windshorts.  He'd mention them in passing or talk about how he wanted to get me some sometime or another.  I knew exactly what he was talking about and he didn't know that I still had some from when I was in high school.  We were going to box that weekend, so I tried on my black windshorts to see if I could pull them off.  They were snug through the hips and butt, but they still fit pretty well.  They showed off just enough leg without being over-bearing.  I wanted to distract him and I though these showed just enough of my curves to get his attention hopefully.

His house had a good sized office in it that had plenty of room to box.  I showed up in a black tank top and sweats.  He had no idea.  I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure how it was going to play out.  I usually got butterflies around him because I liked him and I wasn't very good at boxing, so that added to the nerves.  We still used the black Century gloves that he had.  I didn't know much about gloves, but these seemed to work well for me.  He wanted me to wear a punch counter, so I put them on and gloved up.  We didn't have a plan for how many rounds, he just set his watch for 3 minutes and we started.

I was so nervous, but he stepped to me.  He had tried to change my stance up, but it didn't feel right.  I kept my feet square to him, which was wrong as he would always tell me.  I also put my palms to my face.  He told me it was wrong, but I wasn't ready to change.  I didn't realize that I would telegraph my punches because it took so long to throw them.  I'd learn that lesson later in boxing.  As he came at me, I got to trying to dance around.  He told me not to hop, but I hopped at him.  As I landed, I threw a right.  WHAP!  Right to his cheek.  He reminded me that I was supposed to lead with my left, but my left was so weak.  I didn't have the whole technique down, so I just threw what I thought was my best punch.  I danced around some more, as he moved his guard around, I waited til I had a clear shot and punched again.  He had never really tried to block before and he wasn't trying tonight.  The timer went off and I had landed several good rights.  He was trying to coach me through waiting for round 2.  Telling me to lead with the left, to change up my right, etc.  I wanted to do what he wanted, but I knew where I was comfortable right now. 

I took my gloves off, which I would do from time to time, but I had a different purpose this time.  I turned my back to him and took my sweats off.  I didn't see his face yet, but I was hoping I had his attention.  I turned around, starting to put my gloves back on and the look on his face was priceless.  His eyes were wide and his jaw dropped.  It looked like my plan worked.  He asked if I wore windshorts for him.  I told him, "heck yes!"  The minute break was over and we went back at it.  I have to admit, it felt good to know that he liked what he saw.  I pranced over to him.  He couldn't take his eyes off of me.  I didn't want him to, but we were still boxing, so I started landing again.  I had some adrenaline running through me and I hit him with some of the best punches I had thrown.  His guard was wide, so I kept punching.  Every punch seemed to hit him well.  I found a little rhythm and tried to stay with it.  He started trying to block some, so I'd find another spot on his face and hit him. I was getting tired!  He'd keep glancing down.  I was in a rhythm from head to toe and he was defintely watching my shorts as I kept boxing.  His watch went off and we sat down.  Whew!  I checked the counter on my right wrist and it said I had landed 49 punches!  I figured that was pretty good for 3 minutes.  I didn't realize at the time that I must be weak to land that many punches and not KO him, but at the time, it felt good.  I looked up and noticed that the left side of his face was red!  Maybe I was hitting him pretty good. 

The minute was up, so we went again.  I felt good about my punches.  I know he had to be feeling them.  I haven't talked much about getting hit.  He took it easy on me, but there were times when I felt what it was like to get hit kinda hard.  He always talked like he didn't care that I was hitting him, so I kept it up.  I hopped at him again, brought my right hand back and started again.  Just like last round and I was landed in that same spot nearly every time.  I was gainint more and more confidence and I think I was throwing harder punches.  I could feel the thud in my fist with each punch.  I started trying to hit him with all I could.  I hit him once and heard him whince!  Before I could ask if he was ok, he kinda wrapped me up so I couldn't swing.  I realized that I was really kinda beating him up.  He was pressed up next to me, with his eyes down. He seemed to be watching my hips/windshorts.  I stepped back from his hold and hit him again.  His face was even more red than before.  I hit him again, and again.  He grabbed me again and before I could realize what was going on, he started kissing me!  I kissed him back :)  I had started watching some boxing and I noticed that when fighters got in close to each other, they kept trying to punch.  I would throw the occasional punch into his stomach.  It just seemed to fit the moment.  He started rubbing his gloves on my hips, trying to pull me closer.  His watch went off, but we didn't stop.  The adrenaline of having been punching him and seeing that I was kinda beating him up, along with us kissing, seemed perfect.

He stopped after a little while and told me to hit him.  So I did.  He had a way of making me feel so sexy through this, so I kept going.  I landed right, after right.  No watch, no break.  He'd step in occasionally and we'd start making out again.  Each time, he tried to pull me tighter.  He'd grab my hips and get me in close.  I knew he was loving that I was in windshorts and I have to admit, I was really liking it too.

That ended up being a great night. I had turned into a huge boxing/windshorts fan :)